Kim Kardashian Considering Hiring A Body Double For Added Security Following Robbery

Posted on Thu Oct 6th, 2016 9:55am PDT       By X17 Staff

She’s going to have to find someone with a LOT of booty!

Kim Kardashian is considering hiring a body double to throw people off her trail, Page Six reports. “There’s a circus that follows Kim’s every move. Her new security team is recommending she employ a body double to help confuse would-be assailants,” a source dished to the outlet.

Kimmy K isn’t just scared for herself, though. Her biggest concern is something happening to daughter North and son Saint. “The kids being kidnapped is Kim’s biggest fear. She previously didn’t want to shell out for armed security, but now she realizes the family needs 24-hour protection,” the source added.

Following her traumatic Paris robbery at gunpoint, the reality star is scaling back on public appearances and social media, beefing up her security detail, and vetting her inner circle.

“She doesn’t know who she can trust. Kim’s team is conducting an internal investigation — interviewing assistants and looking through phones for evidence that anyone may have communicated with the thieves. They are slowly ruling people out,” the insider revealed.

When you’re the most recognizable person in the world, it’s pretty tough to fly under the radar!

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