Grizzly bear uses unusual diving technique to catch salmon

BLACK CREEK, British Columbia, Oct. 6 (UPI) — A grizzly bear viewing lodge in British Columbia shared video of a bear’s unusual method of diving underwater to catch salmon.

The video, posted to Facebook by the Knight Inlet Lodge in Black Creek, shows the young grizzly bear diving underwater and catching a salmon, an unusual method of fishing for grizzlies, which normally prefer to keep their heads above water while catching fish.

The video was captured by lodge manager Brian Collen.

The operations manager said officials and visitors first noticed a bear diving underwater for salmon in 2015, and this year four or five young grizzlies have been spotted emulating the bear’s technique.

The manager said some bears appear to be more skilled than others at the diving technique.

“So many fish! This is some of the best video we’ve seen of our diving bears at work. Watch the grizzly bear dive for fish, swim and just sit and wait for the fish to come back,” the video’s description reads.


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