Angelina Jolie’ Brother James Haven Has Become Manny To Her Six Children

It looks like the reason we caught Angelina Jolie’s older brother James Haven watching over the kids outside their temporary home in Malibu is because he’s become manny to Brad and Angelina’s six children, reports Us Weekly.

“He took on a more active daily role in June,” the source explains. “The kids call him ‘Uncle James.’”

You may remember 43-year-old Haven for his infamous kiss with his younger sister at the Oscars in 2000, back when she won Academy Award for best supporting actress for Girl, Interrupted. While she won big that night, she raised some serious eyebrows when kissed her brother and then said, “I’m so in love with my brother right now” at the podium. It still gives us the creeps!

But, when he’s not creeping us out — James appears to be taking care of the kiddos! Good for him!

Interestingly enough, the source also says that despite the being uncomfortable with the siblings’ closeness, Brad approves of James’ relationship with Angie. The source said, “Brad thinks highly of James … He’s always been incredible to the kids and is welcome in his home.”

Meanwhile, new reports reveal that when the former couple made their film By the Sea right after they got married in 2014, that trouble was already mounting.

After their wedding, the newlyweds jetted off to the Mediterranean nation of Malta with their six children to film their ’70s drama about a troubled married couple, which was both directed and written by Jolie.

New details on the filming have recently emerged, those on the set are now telling People that the couple was distant and unhappy.

“They hardly spoke when they were together,” a set source tells the mag, adding that they often took separate business trips over the weekends.

Apparently the A-listers rented three villas for themselves, the kids and eight nannies, the source says, adding that their celebrity status made them isolate while filming. The source said that the kids played in the pool, but “they couldn’t go anywhere on the island because of who they are.” Their oldest son, Maddox, 15, pitched in as a production assistant and was “a really nice guy,” the source says.

More sources add that when Brad wasn’t filming he looked downbeat at local bar where he would stop for one or two light beers, never more than that.

An onlooker said, “He would be very quiet and just keep to himself … Angelina was never with him.” The source added, “It was not a honeymoon.”

Aww our hearts hurt!


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