South Korea plans to deploy more air-to-surface Taurus missiles

SEOUL, Oct. 4 (UPI) — South Korea is expected to purchase more German air-to-surface missiles, Seoul’s military said Tuesday.

Taurus missiles capable of targeting and destroying North Korea‘s nuclear and missile facilities, 90 more in total, are to be acquired to boost South Korea’s “anti-nuclear and anti-missile capabilities,” a defense ministry official told Yonhap.

“The process to purchase the additional missiles is underway,” the official said.

There are currently 170 Taurus missiles that are to be deployed with South Korea’s air force.

The final acquisition decision will be made after the Defense Acquisition Program Administration reviews the plan, Newsis reported.

South Korea’s military was originally preparing to remain with the deployment of 170 missiles, but after North Korea’s fifth nuclear test on Sept. 9, and dozens of other missile-related provocations in 2016, the armed forces changed course and decided to deploy additional missiles.

The Taurus missiles are to be mounted on F-15K fighter jets.

The missiles can strike within a range of 310 miles, and is capable of targeting North Korean sites like Yongbyon, the Punggye-ri nuclear site, and the Sohae launch facility.

The missiles, also known as “bunker busters,” can penetrate walls with a thickness of up to 6 meters, and come with stealth technology that can evade enemy radar, according to Newsis.

The missiles are to be part of South Korea’s missile defense system known as “Kill Chain.”

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