Colombia peace deal negotiator offers to resign after voters reject it

BOGOTA, Oct. 3 (UPI) — The chief negotiator of the peace deal between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels has offered his resignation after voters rejected the deal on Sunday.

Humberto de la Calle represented the government of President Juan Manuel Santos in the negotiations and told reporters on Monday he is taking “full and exclusive responsibility” for the inadequacies of the accords.

At the same time, President Santos, whose popularity has suffered since the deal was reached, announced he would form a committee to deal with opponent of the plan. He also said he would continue to negotiate until a satisfactory deal can be reached.

It is not known if Santos will accept de la Calle’s offer, but de la Calle said he would also be willing “to continue working where appropriate.”

Though voter turn out was only 40 percent for Sunday’s non-binding plebiscite, Colombians narrowly voted down the peace deal 50.21 percent to 49.78 percent. The deal would have ended a war that has lasted 52 years in the country.

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