Chris Martin And Girlfriend Annabelle Wallis Are In Domestic Bliss While Grocery Shopping

Posted on Mon Oct 3rd, 2016 12:40pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Not all celeb relationships are private jets and champagne vacations — sometimes even A-listers need to grab some groceries at the local super market!

Chris Martin and his girlfriend Annabelle Wallis went grocery shopping in Malibu on Sunday and looked very much in domestic bliss. Have these two moved in together? If they’re shopping together while wearing off-duty ensembles on a Sunday — that seems very possible!

For the trip to the grocery store, the Peaky Blinders actress wore overalls and a cropped white t-shirt, along with a pair of nude suede booties. The Brit was so chilled out during the food shopping stop that she didn’t even bother to zip up her trendy booties!

Meanwhile, the Coldplay frontman, who was being so gentlemanly by pushing the cart, wore a long sleeve shirt, with the word “Love” on the pocket, a colorful baseball hat and casual pants. He certainly does look like he’s in love!

These two have been dating since last October and seem to be happier and more comfortable with each other than ever!

SEE THE GALLERY Chris Martin And Annabelle Wallis Grocery Shop Till They Drop

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