Woman who paid $50,000 to punch Martin Shkreli in the face backs out of offer

PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 29 (UPI) — A Florida woman won the opportunity to punch or slap former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Skhreli in the face after donating $50,000 reportedly backed out of the offer.

Shkreli shared a tweet explaining that the person who had originally won the auction to punch him in the face had changed her mind and placed her social media on private.

“The woman who indicated she’d donate $50k the deceased’s family has reneged turned twitter on private,” he wrote. “Would anyone like to replace her?”

Shkreli auctioned the opportunity in hopes of raising money for 5-year-old Tyler Kulich, son of Shkreli’s PR consultant Mike Kulich who recently died in his sleep.

“I will auction one slap/punch in the face to benefit my friend Mike who passed away and leaves behind a young son who survived cancer,” he wrote on Twitter.

Shkreli announced on Wednesday that a woman named Katie had won the raffle and promised to match her $50,000 donation.

“Katie from Florida has agreed to donate $50,000 I am matching! Congrats to the Kulich family. Mike, I will never forget you,” he wrote.

Skhreli also clarified that as the winner Katie would be granted permission to “repeatedly pummel me in the face” as she had requested.

Shkreli became notorious last year as chief of Turing Pharmaceuticals for raising the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill overnight, and then repeatedly invoking the Fifth Amendment during a congressional committee hearing on drug prices.

He is also charged with securities fraud in an unrelated case.


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