Missing 100-year-old dog tag returned to veteran’s family

RANDOLPH, Mass., Sept. 29 (UPI) — Police in Massachusetts used social media to return a missing piece of war memorabilia to a local veteran’s family.

Randolph Police Department released a public appeal to search for the family of a war veteran Joseph E. Hughes whose 100-year-old dog tag was found on the side of the road.

“Within 24 hours the department was able to follow up on several leads and ultimately his family was located and contacted,” police said. “As a result, a priceless piece of U.S. History, a World War 1 dog tag issued to Joseph E. Hughes, will be returned to the veteran’s eldest grandson of Hughes’ namesake.”

The police department was able to discover Hughes was deployed to Europe between September 07, 1917 and April 05, 1919 and injured twice before returning to Massachusetts where he was married and had three children.

With the help of the community police were able to uncover several details about the dog tag’s owner, but it remained unclear how it wound up on the side of the road.

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