Bombs strike largest remaining hospital in Aleppo

ALEPPO, Syria, Oct. 1 (UPI) — One of Aleppo’s largest remaining hospitals was severely damaged amid an ongoing series of airstrikes in the rebel-held Syrian city.

At least two barrel bombs struck the hospital identified as M10, making it the third hospital struck by airstrikes this week according to Today FM.

One barrel bomb struck the front of the hospital while another struck the rear, as a cluster bomb also struck the facility within two hours, NBC News reported.

No casualties were reported in the attack on the hospital, but all the patients were forced to evacuate the area.

The M10 had already been put out of service after sustained an attack from Russian-made cluster bombs earlier in the week.

Only six functioning hospitals remain in the region after M10 and the areas second largest hospital were shut down, the Syrian American Medical Society told The Guardian.

In addition, only about 30 doctors remained in the area to treat the hundreds of wounded among the 250,000 people still in the area.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry was heard expressing his frustrations about the lack of progress toward peace in Syria in audio recordings published by the New York Times.


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