Mayor of Pennsylvania town being pushed to resign after racist comments

WEST YORK, Pa., Sept. 29 (UPI) — City officials of a small Pennsylvania town are calling for their mayor to resign after he apparently posted racist pictures and comments on his Facebook page over the last few months.

The offensive remarks on what officials believe to be West York Mayor Charles Wasko’s Facebook page include a June post of a picture of baby orangutans in a wheel barrel, with the caption “Moving day at the White House.”

Other posts include accusations that President Obama and Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton are the leaders of the Islamic State and a picture of Clint Eastwood holding a noose with the caption, “Barry this rope is for you.”

The West York mayor’s job is an unpaid one and the city council can’t remove him.

“The borough council has no inherent power to remove the borough mayor,” said Nikki Suchanic, director of the York County elections office. “Courts have no authority to remove the borough mayor” as part of a civil action, either, she said.

Council president Shawn Mauck, who called the posts “disgusting” and “deplorable,” said he can’t remove the mayor either.

“I wish I could,” he said.

Suchanic said racist comments or memes are not a crime and a mayor can only be removed for criminal convictions.

Wasko would not comment to reporters about the remarks but responded to a friend’s comment on the Facebook page, saying “I will not be politically correct.”

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