Land Rover builds record-setting Lego replica of London’s Tower Bridge

WARWICKSHIRE, England, Sept. 30 (UPI) — Land Rover celebrated the release of its New Discovery model by constructing a replica of London’s Tower Bridge out of Legos.

The 42-foot tall structure was created using an astounding 5,805,846 individual pieces and claimed the Guinness World Record for “Largest Lego sculpture (most bricks).”

“We are thrilled that Jaguar Land Rover has used Lego bricks to add some Guinness World Record-breaking creativity to the launch of the latest Discovery,” said Lego UK and Ireland spokeswoman Emma Owen. “This is an epic, outstanding build that absolutely captures the imagination in a way we haven’t seen before. With Lego bricks and some imagination you really can build anything!”

Two New Discovery SUVs drove up each side of the bridge before meeting in the middle as the structure was illuminated and British adventurer Bear Grylls dropped from a helicopter to place the final brick.

Duncan Titmarsh, the U.K.’s only Lego Certified Professional, constructed the replica bridge in five months with the help of other expert Lego Master Builders.

A 186,500-brick model of an America’s Cup sailboat was also constructed for the event and towed through the water by Olympic gold medalist Sir Ben Ainslie.

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