Rob Gronkowski: ‘I can’t wait until I’m going crazy out there again’

5:41 PM ET

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Limited to just 14 snaps in his return to action last Thursday, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was eased carefully into the mix. This was the equivalent of dipping his toe into the water instead of making it a cannonball-type plunge.

Gronkowski, for his part, wants the cannonball as soon as possible.

“I can’t wait until I’m going crazy out there again,” he said Wednesday.

But being smart trumps that type of approach, as Gronkowski noted hamstring injuries aren’t the type of thing to push too hard.

“You’ve got to be careful with any injury, but I mean, if you research hamstrings, if you know anything about hamstrings, you’ve definitely got to be careful,” he said at the interview podium, where he was filling in for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. “You’ve got to progress. You can’t just hop back in and be full-go 100 percent. I wish it was like that.”

Gronkowski reported that there were “no setbacks” after his return Thursday. He probably would have played more if the Patriots weren’t in such control, as he was limited to just three snaps in the second half.

Overall, he was only sent on just two pass routes, and rookie Jacoby Brissett fired the ball over his head in the end zone on one of them, so it was mostly blocking for Gronkowski and he didn’t hold anything back.

“Whenever I’m out on the field, I love to go full-go, but they put me in the plays where they felt more comfortable and when I was in those plays, I felt like I was ready to roll,” he said.

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