Arizona Republic endorses Hillary Clinton, first Democrat in newspaper’s 126 years

PHOENIX, Sept. 28 (UPI) — The Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper, has endorsed a Democrat for the first time in its 126-year history.

The newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton instead of Republican Donald Trump.

In an editorial published Tuesday, the newspaper said its past support of Republicans represents “a deep philosophical appreciation for conservative ideals and Republican principles. This year is different. The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative and he is not qualified.”

Clinton’s flaws are much more minor compared to Trump’s temperament, the newspaper wrote:

“Clinton retains her composure under pressure. She’s tough. She doesn’t back down.

“Trump responds to criticism with the petulance of verbal spit wads.”

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The editorial noted Clinton’s steadiness.

“The challenges the United States faces domestically and internationally demand a steady hand, a cool head and the ability to think carefully before acting. Hillary Clinton understands this. Donald Trump does not.”

The newspaper also noted the two candidates’ differences in compromise.

“Clinton knows how to compromise and to lead with intelligence, decorum and perspective. She has a record of public service as first lady, senator and secretary of state,” the editorial said. “She withstood decades of scrutiny so intense it would wither most politicians. The vehemence of some of the anti-Clinton attacks strains credulity.

“Trump hasn’t even let the American people scrutinize his tax returns, which could help the nation judge his claims of business acumen.”

The editorial rejected Republican concerns about filling possible openings on the Supreme Court.

“Trump’s conversion to conservatism is recent and unconvincing. There is no guarantee he will name solid conservatives to the Supreme Court,” the editorial board wrote. “Her justices might not be in the mold of Antonin Scalia, but they will be accomplished individuals with the experience, education and intelligence to handle the job. They will be competent. Just as she is competent.”

Trump leads Clinton by 10 percentage points in the UPI/CVoter Arizona poll released earlier this week.

Other conservative papers recently have not backed Trump. The Dallas Morning News broke a 75-year streak of not endorsing a Democrat for president by picking Clinton. The Union Leader in Manchester, N.H., ended a 100-year tradition of backing Republicans and endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson. The Cincinnati Enquirer has backed Republicans for almost a century until it endorsed Clinton.

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