Katy Perry votes naked in new Funny or Die election day sketch

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27 (UPI) — Katy Perry is seen going to the polls to vote while naked in a new Funny or Die election day sketch.

“This year, you can look like [expletive] when you vote,” the pop star says in the clip released Tuesday which starts with her waking up on Nov. 8th in patriotic pajamas with food hanging from her hair.

“I’ve briefly scanned the constitution, and nowhere does it say you just can’t fall out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in,” Perry continues.

After explaining how voters can show up in whatever outfit they like from nightgowns, underwear and large t-shirts, Perry then strips down naked in the name of freedom.

Almost immediately she is arrested and taken into the back of a police cruiser where she comes face-to-face with fellow naked voter Joel McHale.

The comedic video is a part of Funny or Die’s Everyone Votes campaign alongside organization Rock the Vote which is looking to encourage young people to vote in the coming election.

“We are excited to team up with partners like Funny or Die this year to produce a range of fun, engaging and poignant messages to urge voter registration, early voting and a renewed culture of civic engagement leading up to November 8th,” Rock the Vote VP Jesse Moore said of the project in a statement to Rolling Stone.

Perry has thrown her support behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for the election, even choosing to perform during the Democratic National Convention in July.


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