Curious duck ‘Moby’ prefers company of pigs over birds

CAMPBELLVILLE, Ontario, Sept. 27 (UPI) — A duck at a Canadian animal sanctuary has developed a friendship with the farm’s pigs.

Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary in Ontario shared video of the fowl known as “Moby Duck” preparing to nap with his pig friends Bear and Len.

“Not only does Moby Duck prefer the company of pigs, but he prefers their schedule too,” the sanctuary wrote. “His new routine now includes a nap after breakfast.”

According to a Facebook comment by the sanctuary, there are no other ducks in the sanctuary and staying in the barn with the pigs is among his favorite things to do.

“It’s worth noting all the doors to the stall are closed, he ‘ducks’ under the hay feeder, and sneaks in that way,” the sanctuary wrote. “His decision to go in there is very deliberate, he abandoned his own stall entirely.”

The sanctuary said the relationship goes both ways as Bear the pig raises no objections to Moby’s presence.

“Bear is amazing with Moby. He’s typically very vocal if you disturb him, or clean near him. But we’ve seen Moby waddle right over bears backend, and he doesn’t even flinch,” the sanctuary wrote. “They’ve even shared a breakfast bowl, something he would never allow another pig to do. It’s so interesting to watch them, and a very unexpected relationship.”

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