South Carolina woman wins $304,000 from 30 lottery tickets bearing mother’s birthday

FLORENCE, S.C., Sept. 22 (UPI) — A South Carolina woman became the state’s biggest Pick 4 winner of all time when 30 tickets bearing her mother’s birthday paid out a total $304,000.

The South Carolina Education Lottery said the Florence woman, whose name was not released, spent $70 purchasing 30 Pick 4 tickets, all of which featured the numbers 1-1-4-3, her mother’s birthday.

The woman paid $5 each to play the numbers straight on 10 tickets, earning a total $250,000 from the Sept. 17 drawing, and paid $1 each to play the numbers straight/box, earning an additional $54,000.

The woman said she “screamed” when she found out her tickets were winners.

She said she almost didn’t even play the Sept. 17 drawing because she wasn’t feeling well, but something inside her encouraged her to play.

“It just came across me,” she said. “Now this gives me a chance to help other people.”

The woman said she plans to continue playing the lottery, but will likely switch to using her children’s birth dates.

The winner bought her tickets at the Cruizers store in Florence, which was awarded a $3,040 commission for selling the winning tickets.


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