‘Hello Kitty bandit’ wanted for repeatedly targeting California gift shop

MERCED, Calif., Sept. 22 (UPI) — The owner of a gift shop in California is seeking a burglar known as the “Hello Kitty bandit” who has repeatedly broken into his store.

DJ Jones of Aloha Floral and Gifts shared surveillance footage to Facebook showing the bandit breaking a window in order to steal a pair of Hello Kitty puzzles.

“My store was broken into yet again,” Jones wrote. “Just thought I would share the video in case anybody recognizes this guy! Same guy everytime!”

Jones told the Merced Sun-Star there have been seven break-in attempts totaling in a loss of $2,000 in merchandise and $3,000 to replace windows.

He replaced several windows with stronger glass which thwarted one attempt, but the robber returned to break the store’s side window which had not been replaced.

“Now, it looks like we have the second burglary occur over the weekend, on Friday,” Merced police Capt. Chris Goodwin said

Goodwin added that no information about the suspect was available, but police are “actively working on it.”

Jones believed the burglar does not have any specific motive for targeting the store, but rather selected it at random.

“People are making their own suspicions, but I think it’s someone making a quick buck on it,” he said.

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