Black bear cubs share watermelon that fell from New Jersey woman’s deck

HIGHLAND LAKES, N.J., Sept. 26 (UPI) — A New Jersey woman who went to clean up a watermelon that fell from her back deck received some unexpected help from a pair of cute black bear cubs.

Susan Kehoe of Highland Lakes posted a video to YouTube showing the two bear cubs enjoying a late summer snack earlier this month after the watermelon fell from Kehoe’s back deck and broke in half on the ground.

Kehoe remarks on how “cute” the cubs are in the video, but she said in the video’s description that she later found out one of the bears was signaling her to get out of its personal space.

“There is a moment when one cub looks at me and gives me a tiny bluff charge….which means in a bear’s life, you are a little too close!” she wrote.

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