Venomous false water cobra found in Pennsylvania family’s driveway

SPRINGFIELD, Pa., Sept. 22 (UPI) — A large snake spotted by a Pennsylvania woman’s children in their driveway turned out to be an unusual species for the area — a venomous false water cobra.

Bess Sparks of Springfield said her children alerted her Tuesday evening to the unusual trespasser on their property.

“The kids were like ‘Mom, a snake! A snake!'” Sparks told WPVI-TV.

“So I saw it in the driveway, slithering and I’m like yep, that’s a big one,” she told WPXI-TV.

A high school student who spotted the serpent from a passing school bus contacted her snake-loving uncle, who responded to the scene with a friend.

The men helped police capture the snake in a trash can. The snake lover took the serpent away to be reunited with its owner Wednesday.

Experts said the false water cobra is venomous, but that they rarely bite humans and the venom isn’t deadly.


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