Eastern brown snake found hiding in Australian woman’s Ugg boot

ADELAIDE, Australia, Sept. 23 (UPI) — An Australian woman discovered the tail of a venomous eastern brown snake slithering into her winter boots as she went to slide them on.

Snake Catchers Adelaide shared a photo of the 3-foot snake, which curled itself up in the fuzzy Ugg boot to escape the cold weather.

“‘It’s chilly enough for ugg boots today’ thinks this eastern brown snake,” Snake Catchers Adelaide wrote. “A resident from Moana walked outside and saw the tail of something brown go into her ugg boot, looks snuggly in there doesn’t he.”

Snake catcher Rolly Burrell told the BBC the woman discovered the snake making its way into her boot as she stepped out side of her suburban home.

“She went outside to get her Ugg boots and she saw something shoot in there,” he said. “She realised it was a snake.”

The snake was safely released back in the wild away from the suburban area and Burrell speculated the snake sought refuge in the boot due to changing temperatures after a long winter.

“They’re all just starting to wake up from their sleep,” he said. “Their mating season has started so they’re all horny and hungry.”

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