Deaf student sends message to bullied teen


A Richard Bland College student who just got her hearing back after nearly two decades, is sending a message to a deaf teenager whose story of bullying is going viral.

Becca Balint, 22, experienced hearing through her new cochlear implant for the first time on Wednesday. Becca contacted NBC12 to help her reach the Nebraska teen, struggling through the same journey.

Sound is something Becca has lost steadily since she was 4 years old.

“I got picked on at school multiple, multiple times,” said Becca, who lives in Chesterfield.

Becca says she’s felt the isolation and pain that can come with a disability.

“Didn’t really have many friends growing up. It is really hard being disabled,” she said.

However, Becca refused to be a “label,” or feel less capable than anyone else.

“You literally can do anything you set your mind to. Always be positive. Always strive for the best,” Becca explained.

Becca plays the drums and three other instruments, even though her fading hearing made playing nearly impossible, at times.

Becca invited NBC12 to watch her second cochlear implant get activated, allowing her to hear out of both ears. She shed tears as sound became a reality.

Becca saw the viral pictures of Nebraska teen Alex Hernandez’s homework and hearing implant thrown into a toilet of a school bathroom. Becca wanted to send him a message of hope.

“I just can’t believe what he would have been going through at that time… I want to reach out to him and say don’t give up. Never give up. You can do more and more above that,” she said.

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