Google welcomes the arrival of fall — and spring — with new Doodles

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 22 (UPI) — Google is celebrating the arrival of fall in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere with new Doodles.

For users living north of the equator, a visit to Google’s homepage will display an animated short featuring a collection of familiar anthropomorphized rocks who were last seen welcoming the arrival of summer solstice in June.

The rocks this time begin to admire the blowing of orange leaves until one of their friends decides to eat a fallen leaf much to the group’s surprise.

“Today is the first day of fall, also known as the equinox – when the length of night and the day are nearly equal,” notes the internet giant while discussing the Doodle. “It’s also the beginning of the cooler temps that will be with us until spring comes around. Today’s Doodle celebrates the new season with the orange glow of fall’s falling leaves.”

For those living south of the equator, it is now the start of spring with Google displaying a similar animated short on their homepage featuring the same gathering of rocks.

This time the gang finds themselves happy to see a pink leaf covered tree before one indifferent rock decides to blow them all away, visibly upsetting the others.

“Today, we unbutton our winter coats and welcome spring with open arms,” Google writes of the season change. “As the earth’s axis tilts closer to the sun and the days grow longer, plants, trees, and buds come alive and “spring forth.” Here’s to fresh beginnings, new growth, and warmer days. Happy first day of spring!”

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