Australian snake catcher relocates massive carpet python from resident’s yard

COOLUM, Australia, Sept. 22 (UPI) — An Australian snake catcher recorded video of an 8-foot carpet python that didn’t seem too pleased to be confronted by the resident’s dog.

The video, posted to Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, shows a member of the catching team capturing the massive carpet python between the house and some water tanks.

“The snake was reportedly quite defensive and striking at the residents and their dog when it was approached,” the Facebook post said. “You’ll notice snake catchers don’t use the word ‘aggressive’ to describe this behavior. This is because aggression alludes to it being an unprovoked attack. In the eyes of the snake you are a potential predator and you are provoking it, requiring it to defend itself.”

The catcher grabs the snake in his hands and shows it off to the resident and the video camera. He allows a resident to pet the snake’s backside before loading the serpent into a bag for safe transport.

The catcher releases the python in a non-residential area at the end of the video.

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