Syria says warplane crashed but does not confirm shot down by IS

DAMASCUS, Syria, Sept. 21 (UPI) — The Syrian Ministry of Defense on Wednesday said a Syrian warplane crashed after attacking the Islamic State but did not confirm the militant Islamist group’s claim it shot down the plane.

SANA, Syria’s state-run news agency, reports a military source said a warplane “fell down after carrying out a combat mission against gatherings” by the Islamic State east of the Damascus suburb of Qalamoun. The pilot was rescued.

The Amaq News Agency, known as the Islamic State’s media outlet, released a statement in which it said IS militants shot down the “Syrian regime warplane.”

A recent cease-fire between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad‘s regime and a consolidated group of Syrian rebels did not include the Islamic State. Once the fragile cease-fire ended, airstrikes have killed dozens — including a strike on a United Nations aid convoy near Aleppo that killed at least 20.

The video below shows a smoke cloud from what is believed to be the crash of the Syrian warplane on Wednesday:

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