Typhoon Meranti death toll reaches at least 14, China braces for second storm

XIAMEN CITY, China, Sept. 17 (UPI) — At least 14 people were killed in China and Taiwan after Typhoon Meranti pounded the two countries as they brace for another powerful storm.

Three more people were killed in China following the deaths of seven in the eastern Fujian province, three in the Zhejiang province and one in Taiwanthe, South China Morning Post reported. Nine people were also reported missing in Fujian.

More than 700,000 people were affected by Meranti, about half of which were relocated as 1,600 houses were destroyed and 12,000 more were damaged.

Fujian was gradually recovering its water and power supplies Saturday, but the country faces another powerful storm as Typhoon Maralas approaches.

China’s meteorological authority issued a yellow alert for the country as Malakas is predicted to bring more strong winds and heavy rains, according to Business Standard.

Yellow represents the third most threatening level of warning in China’s four-tiered, color-coded warning system, with red being the most severe.

Malakas is expected to bring even more rain to Fujian and Zheijang along China’s eastern coast as well as central and northern parts of Taiwan from Saturday to Sunday.

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