Showtime cancels ‘Roadies’ after one season

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17 (UPI) — Filmmaker Cameron Crowe says his rock ‘n’ roll drama Roadies has been canceled after a single, 10-episode season.

The Showtime series starred Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, Imogen Poots, Rafe Spall, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Peter Cambor, Machine Gun Kelly and Ron White.

“Thanks to Showtime and J.J. Abrams for the opportunity to make the one and only season of Roadies,” Crowe wrote in a blog post Friday.

“My mind is still spinning from the giddy highs of working with this epic cast and crew. Though we could tell a thousand more stories, this run ends with a complete ten-hour tale of music and love. Like a song that slips under your skin, or a lyric that keeps speaking to you, we hope the spell of Roadies lingers. It was life-changing experience for all of us,” he continued. “So much appreciation goes out to the sensational actors and crew who lived and breathed these stories and characters with their whole hearts. We became a family, our own music-loving troupe. Thanks also to the musicians who lived so comfortably in the world of acting. And thanks to all at Bad Robot, and Winnie Holzman, great collaborators all. Big thanks to our fans for watching and cheering us on. We’ll see you soon with a new project… and many of the same actors, I’m sure..”

Crowe’s other credits include Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire and Say Anything.

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