Jimmy Fallon Wears A Surgical Mask To Interview Hillary Clinton!

Posted on Sat Sep 17th, 2016 11:24am PDT       By X17 Staff


Of course he did.

After interviewing Donald Trump (and ruffling the Republican presidential nominee’s famous hair), Jimmy Fallon went after Democratic candidate HIllary Clinton for an episode of The Tonight Show slated to air on Monday.

After he welcomed Clinton to the show, Fallon slipped on a surgical mask and put it over his face as Clinton laughed and high fived him. This was of course a reference to her recent bout with walking pneumonia, which cause her to dip out of a 9/11 memorial in New York City last Sunday.

After exchanging some laughs, the talk got serious — about how Clinton is too serious. “It’s especially tricky for women,” she explained. “It just is. Because there are a lot of serious things. The other night I was on a show and being asked about ISIS and Iran and I was serious. These are important issues that the country needs to talk about. And the Republicans were saying, ‘Oh she looks so serious.’ Well you don’t talk about ISIS with a big grin on your face.” She’s got a point…

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