Ohio kidnap victim calls 911 while kidnapper is asleep

ASHLAND, Ohio, Sept. 16 (UPI) — A woman who had been kidnapped, was able to call 911 while her kidnapper slept next to her, a call that led to the discovery of two bodies, police said.

The unidentified woman whispered to the Ohio 911 operator the identity of her kidnapper, relative location and then was able to stay on the line for 20 minutes until police arrived at the abandoned house from where she had called.

An eight-minute period of silence also occurred as she the woman, who had untied herself, feared she’d been caught, Ashland Police said.

“I’m afraid he might hear me and catch me and he’s strong,” she whispered, and told the 911 operator her kidnapper had a Taser.

Police arrested 40-year-old Shawn M. Grate, a homeless man, at the scene.

Police also found the bodies of two other women, Stacey Stanley, 43, and another unidentified woman.

Grate was charged with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping. Grate does have a previous criminal record of misdemeanors. He is scheduled for a bond hearing on Friday.

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