RNC denies they were hacked

NEW YORK, Sept. 14 (UPI) — Republican Congressman Mike McCaul back tracked on Wednesday from comments he made earlier in the day about the Republican National Committee being hacked.

McCaul, of Texas, and the House Homeland Security Chairman, said in a statement he had “misspoke” in telling CNN a few minutes earlier that Russians had hacked the committee.

The congressman said on CNN Russians hacked both parties to “infuse chaos into our election system coming up in November.

“They are not discriminating one party against the others,” he said. “The Russians have basically hacked into both parties at the national level and that gives us all concern about what their motivations are.”

McCaul said he doesn’t trust Russian President Vladimir Putin and “What they intend to do with that information, I don’t know.”

Later he tried to clarify, saying it was “Republican political operatives” whom had been hacked and not the RNC. The RNC itself also made clear shortly after McCaul’s remarks on camera, they had not been hacked.

“Contrary to reports, there has been no known breech of @gop networks,” tweeted RNC strategist Sean Spicer.

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