Amber Rose Wears Skintight Jeans During A Break From DWTS

Wearing skintight jeans, Amber Rose took a break from her ballroom blitz to do a slew of errands on Wednesday. That’s the sexiest post-office stop we’ve ever seen!

The blonde beauty wore her painted-on jeans with a denim shirt, as she stopped at the post office, nail salon and other various spots. Of course we had to the Dancing with the Stars contestant about the scary incident on Monday, in which protestors rushed Ryan Lochte after his performance.

In regards to whether or not she was afraid during the headline-making drama, Amber responded simply by saying, “Ryan’s a sweetheart!”

That wasn’t really an answer to our question, but okay!

Recently, the dancing queen, whose fox trot was called “graceful,” sounded off about criticism of her stripper past and society’s double standard, citing former stripper Channing Tatum’s career.

The How To Be A Bad Bitch told Cosmopolitan South Africa in its October issue, “[Channing} even made a movie about being a stripper! And everyone bought it and they loved it and they were like, ‘Oh, my God, Magic Mike, we gotta go see it!’ But if I did that, people would tell me I was disgusting.”

The former stripper said, “I run eight businesses, I’m the CEO of my own company and still I’m called a stripper. It’s so ridiculous. We’ve had the same life, [Tatum] and I, and I’m dumbed down for it. It’s not his fault — it’s just society.”

You’ve had the same life? Umm not so much. Also Channing Tatum stripped for a very short time (eight months), you stripped for a decade. Channing Tatum has also focused his talents into dancing and acting, you’re still just gyrating for Instagram. It’s really not the same thing …

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