Super Typhoon Meranti threatens Taiwan, China with downpour, 150 mph winds

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sept. 13 (UPI) — Super Typhoon Meranti is forecast to make landfall in Taiwan and mainland China on Wednesday with winds over 150 mph, torrential rains and damaging winds.

Meranti grew from a Category 1 storm equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane equivalent in a day as it barreled through the Pacific Ocean near the South China Sea and East China Sea to make its way through the Luzon Strait toward China.

Flash floods and mudslides could occur in Taiwan, particularly in central Taiwan’s mountainous terrain. Though Meranti is expected to miss direct landfall in southern Taiwan, the storm system still threatens Taiwan’s population of 23 million — which largely live in the central and north parts of the island.

From 10 inches to 30 inches of rain is forecast to fall in Taiwan through Thursday. Meranti follows July’s Typhoon Nepartak, which killed at least 12 people in China and Taiwan.

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