HMS Terror from doomed Northwest Passage expedition found

GJOA HAVEN, Nunavut, Sept. 13 (UPI) — A ship lost during a doomed expedition more than 170 years ago has been found in the frigid waters of Northern Canada, researcher said.

The ship is said to be the HMS Terror, the second of two ships lost during Sir John Franklin’s 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage. The Terror was discovered in a Nunavut bay. The other ship, the HMS Erebus, was found about 60 nautical miles south in 2014.

Members of the Arctic Research Foundation said the Terror, which was abandoned by its crew stuck in sea ice, was found Sept. 3 in relatively shallow waters “in pristine condition” in Nunavut’s Terror Bay.

All three masts were reportedly standing most of the hatches were closed,the foundation said.

“Resting proud on [72 feet] of water, we found HMS Terror — 203 years old, it is perfectly preserved in the frigid waters of the Northwest Passage,” Arctic Research Foundation spokesman Adrian Schimnowski says in a video shared with the CBC.

The Terror, a veteran of the War of 1812, was found in such good condition, researchers believe she might reveal what happened to the expedition’s crew two centuries ago.

“Any mystery worth pursuing has to be something that you can solve eventually,” said Canadian Ice Service researcher Tom Zagon.

Both ships now belong to the Canadian government, which will designate the resting spots historic sites.

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