Colorblind issue fixed with new mono uniforms

9:19 AM ET

There will be no colorblind game this year.

Nike unveiled new Color Rush monochromatic uniforms for all 32 teams on Tuesday but also indicated that some teams will wear all white if the matchup of color jerseys would have caused issues for the approximately 10 million Americans who are colorblind.

In November, the Buffalo Bills wore all red against the New York Jets, who were in all green, making the teams nearly indistinguishable to colorblind viewers.

This year, the Bills will again wear all red, but the Jets will be in white when the program kicks off on Thursday.

Other teams that will wear white include the Browns — since their all-brown uniforms would blend with the Ravens’ purple — and the Rams against the Seahawks — since distinguishing yellow from green would be an issue.

Other teams will wear all white on the field because their primary Color Rush color is the same as their opponent’s. The Falcons will wear white against the Buccaneers, the Cardinals will wear white against the 49ers, and the Texans will wear white against the Patriots.

Six teams — the Bengals, Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Giants and Raiders — chose all-white as their Color Rush color.

Three teams won’t wear the Color Rush jerseys on the field — the Colts, the Redskins and the Lions — because the Thanksgiving games aren’t part of the Color Rush program this season.

Nike will still sell the full color jerseys for all teams at retail.

Last season, only eight teams took part in the program.

The Color Rush program allows Nike to take risks and sell more gear to further help make back money from their official deal as the NFL apparel supplier, which began in 2012 and, through an extension, goes through the 2019 season.

Every cent the NFL makes from the royalty of the Color Rush uniform sales at retail will be donated to the NFL Foundation, which funds youth health, safety and wellness programs. The first $500,000 will go toward replacing equipment lost in the recent Louisiana flooding.

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