Truck driver makes delivery on way to claim $9.4M lottery jackpot

SUTHERLIN, Ore., Sept. 9 (UPI) — An Oregon truck driver who won a $9.4 million lotter jackpot said he completed his drywall delivery on his way to claim the prize.

Eric Tackett of Sutherlin matched all six numbers for the Oregon State Lottery’s Aug. 31 Megabucks drawing, 4-6-15-21-38-40.

Tackett said he initially didn’t believe his wife and frequent travel companion, Bethany, when she said the ticket was a winner.

“Normally I win free tickets,” Tackett said. “I thought everyone was messing with me when they told me I won $9.4 million. I had Beth check the ticket more than 50 times on different computers and phones.”

Tackett managed to match three of the winning numbers in a separate set, meaning he also won a free ticket.

The truck driver arrived in his semi tractor at the Oregon State Lottery office after having dropped off a trailer load of drywall on his way to claim the prize.

“It was on the way,” Tackett said.

He said he planned to pick up his trailer after claiming his winnings and even planned to continue his 17-career of truck driving, despite his $9.4 million jackpot.

Tackett chose the lump sum option, meaning he will take home about $3 million after taxes.

The Oregon State Lottery said the TA Truck Stop in Coburg will receive a $94,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

“We know the lady who sold us the ticket, when she finds out she is going to freak out,” Tackett said.

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