UPI/CVoter: Donald Trump maintains 1 point lead over Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON Sept. 10 (UPI) — The UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll released Saturday shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 1 percentage point.

The online poll shows Trump with 47.73 percent, to Clinton’s 46.84 percent.

Clinton slipped by two-tenths of a percentage point overnight, while Trump gained about a half-point compared to data collected a day earlier. Clinton has lost 1.71 percentage points, while Trump has gained almost the same amount over the course of a seven-day span, the poll’s full sample size.

The UPI/CVoter online tracking poll surveys at least 200 people each day, leading to a sample size of more than 1,400 people during any seven-day span.

Because the poll is conducted online and individuals self-select to participate, a margin of error cannot be calculated. The poll has a credibility interval of 3 percentage points. This seven-day span includes data collected from Sept. 1-7, when 1,776 individuals were surveyed. Of them, 1,226 identified themselves as likely voters.

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