Seahawks to interlock arms, 'stand together'

4:35 PM ET

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin said in a Facebook video that the Seattle Seahawks will stand and interlock arms before the team’s Week 1 matchup against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Seahawks have planned.

“I’m extremely proud,” he said. “I’m excited. Extremely proud. Like I said, it makes me want to cry almost, just how our team has handled this and the discussions we’ve had and how we’ve come together. It’s been absolutely amazing.”

Added coach Pete Carroll: “These are young men that are trying to figure out the world themselves, too, and they want to try to make sense of how they can have impact and how they can affect others. I just couldn’t be more proud of the way they’ve gone through it and really what has happened through the process. And then we’ll see on the weekend that they’re going to do a very, very good thing.”


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