Jet skier helps kayaker being kicked in the head by rescued wallaby

NOOSA HEADS, Australia, Sept. 6 (UPI) — A jet ski operator in Australia assisted a pair of kayakers who found a wallaby stranded in open water and got kicked in the head by the creature.

Jonah Cooper’s GoPro camera was running when he rode out in his jet ski and spotted the two kayakers struggling with a wallaby they found in the water off the Noosa, Queensland, coast.

“I couldn’t really understand for the life of me how someone in a kayak was going to rescue a wallaby and paddle at the same time, so I thought I’d better provide some assistance,” Cooper told

He said the wallaby’s rescuers were having a hard time preventing the animal from kicking them in the head.

“The kayaker was trying to do his best but had given the poor guy a little bit of a dunking,” Cooper said. “Unfortunately he actually lost his fishing rod at the same time as getting a couple of kicks to the head before I could grab it off him.”

The video shows Cooper taking the wallaby from the kayaker and speeding the animal to shore, where it hops away without any apparent injuries.

“My workday sure provides interesting encounters in a fantastic location! Just a short 3 minute glimpse into my daily grind,” Cooper wrote in a Facebook post.

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