Two dead, dozens injured after construction site collapse in Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 5 (UPI) — An four-floor underground parking garage at a construction site in Tel Aviv collapsed on Monday morning, killing at least two and injuring some two dozen others.

Ynetnews reported 23 people were in fair condition, while five were quickly discharged after treatment for minor injuries. All of the injured were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

Three people were missing.

In the wake of the collapse, three search-and-rescue teams quickly arrived on the scene. In all, several dozen police, fire and rescue officials were present to secure the site and scour the rubble for survivors.

Soldiers with the Homefront Command were also deployed to the site, Jerusalem Post reported. Special equipment provided by the reserve’s search-and-rescue unit helped locate victims trapped beneath the rubble.

“There are people who are buried under the sand. We’ve called on every possible team. More than 60 firefighters have reached the scene,” Yoram Levy, a spokesman for the Firefighting and Rescue Commission, told Ynetnews. “We’ve begun with manual work.”

“We’ve asked for help from the Homefront Command in light of the situation,” Levy added. “We had a house collapse in Acre a few years ago, and it took a long time to clear it out.”


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