Trump supporter’s wary promise of ‘a taco truck on every corner’ goes viral

NEW YORK, Sept. 2 (UPI) — Political campaigns routinely promise wonderful things from their own candidate and horrible things from the other. Rarely does a promise qualify as both: If you elect Hillary Clinton, there will be taco trucks on every corner, says one Donald Trump supporter.

That was the promise made by Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez, during an interview Thursday on MSNBC. Gutierrez was attempting to make a serious point about the danger of illegal immigration when he made the quixotic prediction.

“My culture is a very dominant culture,” Gutierrez said. “And it is imposing, and it is causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you are going to have taco trucks [on] every corner.”

The Internet responded: What’s wrong with that?

The Washington Post pointed out the cocktail napkin math of actually putting a taco truck on every corner would create 9.6 million jobs, virtually ending unemployment in the United States.

By Friday morning, the hashtag #Tacotruckoneverycorner was trending on Twitter, with many responses questioning why anyone would be upset at the possibility of delicious tacos always at the end of your street.

The memes speak for themselves.

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