Alligator caught wandering residential Pennsylvania neighborhood

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa., Sept. 2 (UPI) — A Pennsylvania police department said officers were called to remove an unusual pest — a 2-foot alligator seen roaming a residential neighborhood.

Collegeville police officer Matt Cubbler told his shift had just started when the emergency dispatcher contacted him about 8:45 a.m. Thursday for an animal complaint.

“The resident would like the alligator removed from their property,” Cubbler quoted the dispatcher as saying.

Cubbler said he was surprised by the call and immediately wondered, “Did she just say alligator?”

The officer arrived at the resident’s home to find the woman had indeed said “alligator” and the homeowner’s son, who had been the first to spot the reptile in the street, had used a blanket and a lacrosse stick to corral the 2-foot gator into a small dog crate.

“There wasn’t, like, this standoff between me and an alligator and I had to wrestle it into a cage,” Cubbler said.

The Collegeville Police Department shared a picture of the baby gator on Facebook.

“It is NOT illegal to own an alligator or crocodile in PA, but it IS illegal to release one into the wild or let it wander aimlessly in our neighborhoods!” the post said.

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