2 Utah climbers missing in Pakistani mountains

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 2 (UPI) — Rescue workers launched a search for two Utah climbers who went missing as they attempted to scale mountainous terrain in Pakistan.

Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson, widely known within the climbing community for their expertise in the sport, began climbing the northern face of “Ogre II,” near the Choktoi Glacier on Aug. 21 in a five-day trip. They were last seen on Aug. 22 about halfway up the peak before a snow storm moved in. Sunday, family and friends became increasingly alarmed and initiated a search, with the help of local authorities.

The two men have rescue insurance but it will only cover a portion of the costs, friends said.

“Snow and low clouds at Ogre II again kept the aerial search team grounded in Skardu, (Pakistan),” friends said on a Gofundme site. “In addition to the Global Rescue helicopter, we are very grateful to have the Pakistani military now supporting the effort — they have helicopters at the ready in Skardu.”

Dempster, of Salt Lake City, and Adamson, of Provo, attempted to climb Ogre II last year but had to abandon the climb after Adamson fell and broke his leg.

“They wanted to finish what they started; they knew they made mistakes last year and would not make them this year,” friend and fellow climber Jonathon Thesenga said.

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