Prince’s Ex Says Singer Had A “Cocaine Diet”

It’s so tasteless when people talk about someone not still with us.

Prince’s ex-girlfriend Charlene Friend is speaking out about her knowledge of the singer’s drug abuse, and she claims he was a heavy cocaine user. Friend claims she never witnessed him do drugs and was baffled as to where he got his endless supply of energy, until his half-brother Duane Nelson let her in on the dirty little secret.

“He would sometimes stay up for five days at a time without sleep, food or even water, going nonstop back and forth to the studio. I had to sneak in catnaps to keep from passing out from exhaustion. The first time that happened, I asked him, ‘How do you do this?'” she recalled. “Angel food. Food of the spirit, not of the flesh,” she says the Purple One responded.

When he finally needed to rest, the music legend would cover the windows with tin foil and crank the heat. “He would be shaking all through the night. The first time that happened, I asked him if he was having a nightmare and he said, ‘No. I was dreaming music,’ Even in his sleep, the music just poured out of him,” she recounted.

Years after their breakup, Friend spoke with Nelson and he revealed his brother’s troubling behavior. “We call it the cocaine diet. It was shocking to me to hear that. He hid it so carefully. I never saw him take even an aspirin. He seemed so health-conscious, always taking vitamins like echinacea and goldenseal,” she explained.

“Nothing could match the highs he got from his shows. Coming down afterwards made him feel empty. Perhaps drugs filled that void. There were no gray areas. One day he would be in a good mood, and the next day he would be in this very deep, dark mood. Part of that was just his personality, but I now realize that the drugs enhanced that,” she lamented.

Let the man rest in peace, geez!

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