Woman uses sheep to bring Google street view to Faroe Islands

TORSHAVN, Faroe Islands, Aug. 31 (UPI) — A woman from the Faroe Islands encouraged Google to bring its Street View feature to the area after strapping cameras to sheep.

According to a Google blog post Durita Andreassen took advantage of the 70,000 sheep that inhabit the 18 islands by fitting them with solar powered cameras to capture footage of the area.

Google soon learned of her “Sheep View” project and sent the Google Maps team to the Faroe Islands to provide the 50,000 human residents with the tools necessary to capture Street View footage themselves.

“Now that the Faroe Islands is supplied with a Trekker and 360 cameras, residents and tourists can assist the sheep in collecting Street View imagery of their beautiful lands using selfie-sticks, bikes, backpacks, cars, kayaks, horses, ships and even wheelbarrows,” Google Maps Program Manager David Castro Gonz├ílez de Vega wrote.

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