What we learned Tuesday: Expect Max Scherzer, Evan Longoria to influence postseason

3:03 AM ET

Pinch-hitting for David Schoenfield is a learning experience in and of itself. But I’m psyched to do it the next two nights.

Max Scherzer looks as if he’s ready to go ‘Full Bumgarner’: The more I watch Scherzer, the more I think that it’s his turn to be baseball’s premier pitcher in a postseason, a la Madison Bumgarner in 2014.

According to FiveThirtyEight.com’s projections, the Nationals have greater than a 99 percent change of making the playoffs, so Scherzer almost certainly will get his opportunity to shine.

On Tuesday, he showed what he is capable of, bidding for his third no-hitter through five innings, and yes, it was the Phillies that he finished with eight three-hit innings against, but he went eight scoreless two-hit innings with 10 strikeouts in his start before that against the Orioles.

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