False report of shots at LAX create panic

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29 (UPI) — Passengers and personnel at Los Angeles International Airport were evacuated and flights halted Sunday night after false reports of shots fired created a panic, sources said.

Police responded to a call of shots fired at LAX terminals 6,7, and 8 shortly before 9 p.m. Sunday. The terminal was evacuated, with many people running and some falling as they left the building. The main terminal was shut down to traffic, Los Angeles Police Department said.

Flights were also stopped for the next 30 minutes on two of the runways due to passengers running out on to the restricted tarmac.

“Reports of a shooting incident at LAX have been proven to be loud noises only,” LAPD said later. No actual shooting took place and there were no reported injuries, police said.

Once the OK was given, the passengers who ran from the terminal were allowed to return to baggage claim and get their luggage.

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