Australian charter boat has unexpected whale encounter

SYDNEY, Aug. 26 (UPI) — A charter boat in Australia accidentally got an up close encounter with a trio of humpback whales.

Barefoot Charters shared video of the “once in a lifetime encounter” to their Facebook page as the large whales swam beneath one of the company’s boats traveling from New South Wales to Sydney.

“As we sailed back to Sydney we had some very special visitors,” they wrote.

The crew told 7 News Australia they had been performing a routine cleaning of the ship’s hull when the whales approached the boat.

Video shows the whales twirling about beneath the boat as crew members watch on in amazement.

“Somewhere way out to sea off NSW we were visited by the most magnificent giants of the ocean, this was an accidental encounter the Barefoot crew will never forget!” Barefoot Charters wrote on their Facebook page.

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