Bella Thorne Scarfs Down Donuts During Designer Photo Shoot And Goes On A Crazy Rant

Posted on Sat Aug 27th, 2016 11:19am PDT       By X17 Staff

Bella Thorne is outspoken and pushing the edge of crazy, but we can’t tell if she’s going the Chrissy Teigen route with her social media posts or following down Amanda Bynes’ footsteps. It’s a close one!

On Friday night the 18-year-old actress was at a shoot in a sexy Gucci number, but her Snapchat coverage of the gig was anything but glamorous. “Tonight I get to wear Gucci but I look like a f*cking peacock,” she began. She shared a selfie where she pulled down the dress, and she then proceeded to share tons of videos and photos of herself munching on donuts. Bella then jumped up in down in the bizarre Snapchat session and did her very best imitation of a “basic b*tch.” Oh, and she also revealed that she was incredibly gassy during the shoot. Of course, this is the same starlet who Snapchatted her recent colonoscopy, so should we be that surprised?

The strange video comes just days after Bella, who just split from actor Gregg Sulkin, revealed she was bisexual. She posted a picture of herself kissing gal pal Bella Pendergast (who is currently dating a dude), and when a fan asked if she swings both ways, Bella replied, “Yes.”

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