German students dressed like Hitler made to visit Argentina Holocaust Museum

BUENOS AIRES, Aug. 26 (UPI) — German students in Argentina who wore Adolf Hitler mustaches and Nazi swastikas will have to visit a Holocaust Museum with Jewish students after the groups brawled.

Several students from Buenos Aires’ Lanus Oeste German School fought with students from Buenos Aires’ ORT Jewish School during a visit to the resort city of Bariloche in the Andes mountains.

Three of the German students were immediately sent back to Buenos Aires after the brawl during a party in a dance club, La Nacion reports.

Parents of the Jewish students said the three students from the German school “provoked and insulted” the Jewish students with the Nazi incident, Clarín reports.

Silvia Fazio, the German school’s director, apologized for the students’ behavior.

“Those students must understand that this is wrong, that this must never happen again and that it is totally abhorrent,” Fazio said.

Buenos Aires’ Holocaust Museum President Gustavo Sakkal condemned the incident.

“A joke can lead to the most horrific things in history,” Sakkal aid. “Through education we must show those boys that this is a very serious issue.”

Argentinian Education Minister Esteban Bullrich called the incident “deplorable.”

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