Angler uses drone to catch smallmouth bass

MONTREAL, Aug. 22 (UPI) — A Canadian drone enthusiast demonstrated his drone fishing technique by using his quadcopter to land a large smallmouth bass.

David Freiheit of Montreal said he wanted to attempt an “Internet first” Friday when he attached some fishing line with a jitterbug lure to his drone and flew it over Lake Champlain.

The video shows Freiheit’s drone successfully catch a bass and bring it back to him on shore.

“Truthfully, I did not expect anything to happen because I had tried a few times before, and just sputtered around until my battery went dead, but this time, on Lake Champlain, not only did I succeed, but I hooked the biggest smallmouth bass of my life,” Freiheit wrote.

“After I hooked it and managed to land it, I ran it to my wife for a quick photo op, and then ran it back to the water to release it,” he wrote.

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