Olympic Track Star Usain Bolt Apparently Hooked Up With Brazilian Babe Who Says She’s “Dying Of Shame” After Sexy Bed Selfies Leaked Online

A 20-year-old student, named Jady Duarte, who posted photos of a hook-up with Olympian Usain Bolt on WhatsApp on Sunday night, is now saying that she’s “dying of shame.”

Hey girly, maybe don’t post photos on WhatsApp?!

Over the weekend, the student apparently spent the night with the Olympic legend, who was celebrating winning three gold medals and his 30th birthday — and decided to share the images with friends — because she’s super classy.

The photos of the intimate encounter were put on some Brazilian websites and then quickly went viral — because that’s now it works, Jady.

When reporters contacted Jady, who claims that she didn’t know who Usain was, about the steamy snaps, she said, “It’s very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame.” We would be too!

Jady also said, “It was not a big deal. It was normal,” and added, “I’d rather not talk about it – in order not to complicate matters.” The pretty young thing did mention again that nights like that were not out of the ordinary, saying, “Like I said, it was normal.”

It looks like the Jamaican sprinter met the student when he partied until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday All In, a club in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio.

Unfortunately, the sprint king got more than a hot hook up since he has a girlfriend of two years, named Kasi Bennett, back at home in Jamaica — and now she clearly knows what dirty dealing her man has gotten up to.

According to the runner’s sister Christine Bolt-Hylton, Usain and his so-called “First Lady” were likely to get engaged soon. Maybe not now!

Kasi shared a cryptic tweet on Sunday when a Twitter fan commented that the world had finally discovered the sprinter and that Kasi was “hot” — and his girlfriend (maybe soon to be ex girlfriend) replied, “I wish there was no discovery, but thank you so much. That’s really sweet of you.”

It looks like Usain bolted after his tryst, making an early exit from the Rio games. He left Rio a day early and even missed the Closing Ceremony entirely.

Apparently, the Jamaican sprinter left out of Rio’s Galeo International Airport an hour before the Closing Ceremony event on Sunday night. Before departing, the runner tweeted, “We came, we saw, we conquered. Rio I have endless love for you.”

We have a feeling that there’s someone who may no longer has endless love for you …. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, USAIN! We bet that will be a fun homecoming for ya!

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